Rules and Regulations 2010

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival

Dinagyang Dance Competition Official Rules and Regulations


1. The Dinagyang dance competition shall have two major components:
1. Dance Showdown – the full presentation of the tribe’s repertoire in 4 judging areas
2. Street Dancing – the choreographed parade routine performed by each tribe as they travel from one judging area to the next.
2. There shall be four (4) judging areas for the Dance Showdown and at three (3) for the Street dancing, which will be designated by the Execom.

1Freedom Grandstand - J.M. Basa Street cor. Mapa St.
2Provincial Capitol - Bonifacio Drive
3Quezon Street cor Ledesma Street
4Iznart Street in front of Grand Hotel

3. The number of judges per judging area shall be determined by the Execom.
4. The Judges shall elect from among themselves, the Chairman of the Board of Judges, who shall preside the DELIBERATION OF THE RESULTS.
5. The ranking system shall be employed (raw scores will be converted to ranks with the highest raw score as rank #1).
6. In case of a tie, the tribe that gets the most number of higher ranks shall be declared as the frontrunner.
7. The computation of the judges’ raw score shall be explained to all concerned. The Judging and Tabulation Committee shall be solely responsible for the computation of the scores in a close door manner.
8. The standing awards shall be as follows:

Major Awards

  1. 1) Champion
  2. 2) 1st Runner-Up
  3. 3) 2nd Runner-Up
  4. 4) 3rd Runner-Up
  5. 5) 4th Runner-Up

Minor Awards

  1. 1) Best in Performance
  2. 2) Best in Choreography
  3. 3) Best in Music
  4. 4) Best in Costume
  5. 5) Best in Street dancing

Special awards (No bearing for the major awards)

  1. Best Choreographer: The winner in the “best in choreography minor award”
  2. Best Musical Director: The winner in the “best in music minor award”
  3. Best Costume Designer: The winner in the “best in costume minor award”
  4. Best in Discipline (Shall be based upon the compliance to the rules and regulations provided for in the contract and shall be rated by the Tribes Committee Chairman).
  5. Compliance to rules and regulations (80 points)
  6. Attendance to meetings, church activities and other requirements by the committee (20 points)
  7. Best Headdress
  8. Design, Creativity and Uniqueness 30 points
  9. Craftsmanship 30 points
  10. Use of indigenous materials 20 points
  11. Visual impact 20 points

9. The criteria of the contest shall be as follows:

Distribution of Weighted Ranks:
Dance Showdown80%
Street Dance20%
A. Dance Showdown
Performance30 pts.
Choreography30 pts.
Costume * 20 pts.
Music20 pts.
* Display (10% (weighted rank)
Design, Creativity and Uniqueness30 pts.
Craftsmanship30 pts.
Use of indigenous materials20 pts.
Visual impact20 pts.
Actual Performance (10% (weighted rank)
Visual impact40 pts.
Appropriateness30 pts.
Durability 30 pts.
B. Street Dance
Performance35 pts
Choreography 35 pts.
Energy level20 pts.
Orderliness10 pts.
C. Best Headdress
Design, Creativity and Uniqueness 30 pts.
Craftsmanship 30 pts.
Use of indigenous materials 20 pts
Visual impact20 pts.

Costumes must be submitted on January 21, 2010, from 8AM to 5 PM, at the Grand Hotel, Iznart St., Iloilo City. Pls. take note of the following:

  1. The Judging committee will provide a uniform stand for all tribes. No need to bring a stand.
  2. NO LIVE MODELS for the costume. This will not be allowed inside the Judging area.
  3. All sets of costumes must be displayed. Pictures of the costumes will be taken at 5PM. on January 21, 2009 and this will serve as the final set.
  4. Only costumes of the dancing warriors will be included in the judging.

  5. The tribes would be required to submit a short synopsis of the presentation and description of the costumes indicating the indigenous materials being used in formats to be provided by the Judging Committee on or before January 21, 2009. Those who would need help in their synopsis may inquire from the Judging Committee or from other tribe managers.

    Judging of the complete final costume will be on January 22, 2010 starting at 2:00 p.m.

    10. Components of the criteria:

    1. a. Choreography
    2. i. Concept and relevance to the theme.
    3. ii. Clarity of ideas presented.
    4. iii. Composition (Artistic balance and arrangement).
    5. b. Performance (Execution and Interpretation)
    6. i. Mastery
    7. ii. Unity and precision
    8. iii. Skills and techniques
    9. iv. Discipline
    10. v. Dynamics (expression)
    11. c. Costume
    12. i. Visual impact
    13. ii. Appropriateness of the presentation
    14. iii. Durability during the presentation
    15. d. Music
    16. i. Rhythmic variety
    17. ii. Instrumental arrangement
    18. iii. Expressive and balance
    19. iv. Appropriatenessv
    20. v. Mastery and precision
    21. e. Energy level
    22. i. Endurance and sustained quality performance
    23. f. Orderliness
    24. i. Discipline, clarity of formation and effective use of props

    11. The decision of the judges shall be final and unappealable.
    12. The organizers will not be held responsible for any untoward events that would result due to hazardous choreography or the use of facilities, props or paraphernalia by the participating tribe.
    13. Strict compliance to the rules and regulations must be observed. Sanctions shall be applied on specific areas as described in the rules and regulations.
    14. In cases not covered by the rules and regulations, the Judging Committee is empowered to promulgate decisions.

    II. Rules for the Dance Competition

    A. Dance Showdown
    1. The composition of the tribe:
    1-A. Shall be a minimum of FORTY EIGHT (48) dancing warrior performers; this would include tribe leaders and choreographers who are performing.
    1-B. A minimum of THIRTY (30) drummers and other instrumentalists
    1-C. The actual headcount of the warriors and drummers of each tribe in every judging area shall be conducted by the TECHNICAL COMMITTEE BEFORE THE CONTEST.
    - Violation of the aforementioned rules (1-A and 1-B) shall mean a ONE (1) point deduction for every performer less than FORTY EIGHT (48) and every drummer/instrumentalist less than THIRTY (30).
    - The point deduction for the violation in the number of performers shall be in the CHOREOGRAPHY CRITERION of every judge in the area where the violation took place.
    - The point deduction for the violation in the number of drummers/instrumentalists shall be in the MUSIC CRITERION of every judge in the area where the violation took place.
    1-D. Each tribe is allowed only 200 back-up persons with I.D.’s and only three vehicles not bigger than L300 van. Tricycles and trisikads are considered vehicles. The vehicles will be indicated with an IDFI Card with numbers from 1-3.
    2. Performance time:
    2-A. A total of EIGHT (8) MINUTES which would include entrance, setting of props, and performance. This shall be divided as follows:
    - entrance and setting-up of props ( one (1) minute).
    - performance ( seven (7) minutes)
    3. Timing of the Performance:
    3-A1. A STARTING LINE MARKER shall be in a designated place visible to the STAGE TIMERS in every performance area. The tribes shall take position before the STARTING LINE while preparing for the entrance.
    3-A2. The timing starts when the PERFORMERS (performers and other dancers) and or PROPS would go beyond the STARTING LINE.
    3-A3. The Official Timer in the stage will be raising a GREEN FLAG while the tribe is preparing before the STARTING LINE MARKER and will bring it down once the performers or props would go beyond the starting line signifying the start of the timing of the performance. The playing of the drums and other instruments, or reading of a synopsis would also signify the start of the performance.
    3-A4. At the end of the seventh minute (7th minute), the timer shall raise the YELLOW FLAG, as a warning for the tribe that it has one more minute left to finish the performance.
    3-A5. At the end of the eight minute ( 8th minute) the timer shall raise the RED FLAG signifying the end of the performance. The tribe should start their exit indicated by their movement towards the exit side of the performance area. If the tribe still performs after the 8th minute then an over time will be counted for every 30 seconds with a deduction of 1 point ( per 30 seconds; 8 minutes and 29 seconds NO DEDUCTION) in the total score of the performance criterion of every judge in the area where the violation occurred. The exit move will not be counted as overtime.
    3-A6. The entrance of the Drummers and other instrumentalists, as well as the Banner bearer, into the performance area for proper placement will not be included in the timing.
    4. During the performance, tribe managers, choreographers and other members of the training staff will not be allowed to coach or direct the performance. They must not stay in front and will be allowed only at the sides and back. A deduction of 1 (1) POINT will be meted to the tribe for this violation. This deduction shall be in the total score obtained in the CHOREOGRAPHY CRITERION in every judge where the violation has taken place.
    5. Flyers, any information materials and announcements of any form which can possibly influence the judges’ decision shall not be allowed during the performance. A deduction of 5 POINTS will be meted to the tribe for this violation. This deduction shall be in the total score obtained in the CHOREOGRAPHY CRITERION in every judge where the violation has taken place.
    6. The tribe must carry a lead identification arch/board bearing its registered name, designated contestant number and the Sto. Niño.
    7. The presentation shall be free interpretation:
    7-A. All performers ( MALE OR FEMALE) for the ATI DANCE, including BACK UP dancers, shall have the exposed parts of their bodies painted with a DARK BROWN color. LEOTARDS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Sleeveless shirts are allowed for the female dancers.
    - Violation of the aforementioned rule (7-A) would mean ONE (1) point deduction for every performer with violation in the CRITERION of COSTUME of every judge in the area where the violation took place.
    7-B. Completed costume must include WEAPONS ( bow and arrow, spear, bolo or knife) and SHIELD and at least 2 indigenous materials must be incorporated.
    7-C. Drummers should be in uniform, may or may not be in dark brown body paint. However, the drummers are not included in the costume rating.
    7-D. Drums and other percussion instruments must be the dominant basic instruments. Other indigenous instruments ( e.g. bamboo flute ) and Dinagyang pipes will be allowed. The use of trumpets and other related brass wind instruments, etc., and those which are not of indigenous materials are not allowed. The drummers/instrumentalists should not use any riser or platforms in the dance showdown area.
    7-E. Musical accompaniment must be live and shall not use any electrical amplifying device such as sound systems. Taped music will not be allowed. - Violation of the aforementioned rules (7-D and 7-E) would mean ONE (1) point deduction in the CRITERION of MUSIC of every judge in the area where the violation took place.
    7-F. Ati chants or chanting are encouraged as this will enhance the musical variety of the performance.
    7-G. Religiosity with the Sto Nino as the centerpiece must be integrated in the choreography. The theme of the celebration should be embodied in the choreography and performance.
    7-H. Dance steps that unduly endanger the safety of the dancers, especially children must be avoided. Barefoot dancers are discouraged.
    7-I. The use of props and risers are allowed.
    7-Ia. Platform props : 5 feet high and 15 feet long (combined length; maybe divided in small pieces)
    7-Ib. Use of flames, pyrotechnics are not allowed. Smoke machines are allowed.
    - Violation of the aforementioned rules ( 7-I1 and 7-12) would mean ONE (1) point deduction in the CRITERION of CHOREOGRAPHY of every judge in the area where the violation took place.
    B. Street dance
    B-1. Each tribe must have a parade routine of choreographed FORWARD MOVING STREET DANCE to be performed in designated areas.
    B-2. There will be designated areas for the START and END for the STREET DANCING where the tribes will be judged.

    1Aldeguer (City Square)Arsenal St. (RCBC)Solis Sts. (Land Bank)
    2Valeria (Skywalk)Cor. Gen. Luna–Quezon( Mercury)Cor.Quezon-Delgado (Narita)
    3Valeria ( St. Paul bakery)Iznart- Ledesma (Socorro)Iznart- De Leon (Metrobank)



    1. The competition is open to all municipalities in Panay, specifically, those with festivals in their own locality. However, public and private schools, colleges and universities are invited to participate. Registration starts on November 9, 2009 and ends December 14, 2009. Registration of participants is on first come first serve basis. Only top 15 shall be given a subsidy.

    2. The composition of the tribe/contingent must be within the minimum of fifty (50), maximum of seventy (70) dancers/performers, Maximum of twenty (20) costumed props men in black, and thirty (30) instrumentalists.

    3. The dance entry must depict a festival of a locality through a dance drama. Schools may choose from any of the festivals in Panay as their presentation. Dance movements and costume must be suited to the given concept. live music/tape recorded music maybe used. Each competing group must carry its own Theme: It must be clearly shown & expressed in the storyline.

    4. The presentation shall not be less than seven (7) minutes and not more than nine (9) minutes including entrance and exit. The first step and movements of the performers starts the time of the performance. A deduction of one (1) point shall be made for performance with less than seven (7) minutes and for every one minute of performance that exceeds the limit. This shall be made in the specific judging area where overtime has occurred.

    5. Choreographed movements should not be hazardous on the performer. Safety measures should be observed.

    6. The use of risers and platform is allowed, however, they should not more than ten (10) feet in height and forty (40) feet in width. Group performers using props as their background and as part of the performance should not be more than ten (10) feet in height. Violation of guideline no. 5 would mean 5 point deduction in every judging area.

    7. The contesting group shall perform in four (4) judging areas in carousel form.

    1Freedom Grandstand - J.M. Basa Street cor. Mapa St.
    2Provincial Capitol - Bonifacio Drive
    3Quezon Street cor Ledesma Street
    4Iznart Street in front of Grand Hotel

    They shall maintain discipline/orderliness while parading in these areas.
    However, indigenous musical instruments are encouraged, i.e. bamboo, wood. String and wind instruments may be used. Violation of guideline No. 6 would mean deduction of five (5) points from the total score of every judge in all judging areas.
    8. The entries must be properly identified with 2x4 feet rectangular placard showing the registration number and name (front and back)

    9. Timing of the Performance:
    9-A. A STARTING LINE MARKER shall be in designated place visible to the stage timers in every performance area. The participating group shall take position before the starting line while preparing for the entrance.
    9-B. The timing starts when the performers, Props and risers go beyond the starting line
    9-C. The official timer on stage shall raise the green flag while the tribe prepares before the starting line and will bring the flag down once the performers go beyond the starting line signifying the start of the performance.
    9-D. On the eight minute, the timer shall raise the yellow flag, to signify that one minute is left and that the tribe should finish the performance and start to exit.
    9-E. On the ninth minute, the timer shall raise the red flag to signify the end of the performance. The fiirst person to step on the exit line shall be the basis of the exit. An overtime will be counted for every one minute of delay with the deduction of one point from the total score of the performance criterion of every judge in the area where the violation occurred.

    Street dance (in between judging areas)
    1. Each contingent must have a parade routine of choreographed street dance to be performed in designated areas.
    2. There will be designated areas for the START and END of the STREET DANCING competition where the contingent will be judged.
    3. Common music shall be used (“Hala Bira Iloilo”). The Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation, Inc. shall provide this music.

    Street Dance StretchStartEnd
    AJ.M. Basa cor. Arsenal Streets
    BGen. Luna cor. Quezon StreetsQuezon cor. Solis Sts.
    CLedesma cor Iznart St.Iznart cor De Leon st.

    1. Reading of synopsis is no longer allowed however a one paragraph synopsis description of the contingent’s presentation must be submitted to the Committee Chairman , Kasadyahan 2010 , DR. EDEN D. DERIADA, during the final release of the subsidy.
    2. New entrants shall receive One Hundred Thousand Pesos(P100,000.00) subsidy from IDFI, however, they may get sponsors to help subsidize the expenses of their tribe. Those who have participated in previously regardless of the number of years shall receive One Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos (P120,000.00).


    A. Area Performance (100%)
    1. Choreography (dance variation and formation suitability of the dance movements to the concept/theme)25%
    2. Performance (showmanship, mastery, unity) 30%
    3. Theme/Concept (adherence to the theme) 15%
    4. Production Design 30%
    Costume 10%
    B. STREET DANCE (100%)
    1. Endurance 30%
    2. Choreography 25%
    3. Performance (showmanship, mastery, unity 30%
    4. Production Design15%
    Costume 5%

    Champion P100,000.00
    1st Runner-up 50,000.00
    2nd Runner-up 40,000.00
    3rd Runner-up 30,000.00
    4th Runner-up 20,000.00
    Consolation Prize 10,000.00 each for non-winners
    Minors Awards:
    A.1 Best in Performance P10,000.00
    A.2. Best in Choreography 10,000.00
    A.3. Best in Music 10,000.00
    A.4. Best in Costume 10,000.00
    B. 1. Best in Street Dancing 20,000.00
    C.1. Best Choreographer 5,000.00
    I hereby certify that I have read and understood the rules of the competition and shall abide by them. I understand that all safety measures will be taken and will not hold the Dinagyang Foundation/Kasadyahan Committee responsible for any untoward incident that may arise.


    1. All participating groups (PG) shall be officially registered with the SPONSORS MARDI GRAS COMMITTEE c/o MR. ROBERT ALOR at the Iloilo Grand Hotel, Iznart St., Iloilo City or with MS. ANALIZA ABAPO at the IDFI Office, Dinagyang Lounge, Freedom Grandstand, J.M. Basa St., Iloilo City.
    2. The participating contingent shall be composed of only one company or business entity. For group of companies, each business unit shall separately pay the required registration fee. For confederations, each member institution shall separately pay a registration fee.
    3. Companies shall be assessed according to the following categories:
    Category 1 - Multinational Corporations, Private Companies & Income Generating National Government Agencies Php 10,000.00
    Category 2- Local Companies/Businesses Other Government Agencies Php 5,000.00
    Category 3 - Schools, others Php 2,500.00
    4. Each PG shall be limited to a maximum of 50 performers including drummers/instrumentalists. Any excess of 50 will be assessed additional fee of P50.00 per person.
    5. Performers shall be required to wear mardi gras costume or uniform apparel with hand props and head dress. Risers are not allowed.
    6. Each PG shall be allowed to carry one (1) horizontal parade streamer with a maximum size of 1m x 6m indicating its registered name. Additional drop banners may be allowed up to a maximum of five (5) for Category I, and two (2) for Category 2. Drop banner shall not exceed 3 feet x 5 feet. No streamer or banner will be allowed to be carried by the registered entity other then their own.
    7. Each PG shall be allowed to have one (1) parade float or carriage or vehicle.
    8. A PG has the option to perform in front of the judging areas for not more than five (5) minutes and may continue doing the routine steps all throughout the parade route in order not to interrupt flow of participations.
    9. The parade assignment shall be on a first registered-first assigned basis. Assembly is at Plaza Libertad and shall pass through Freedom Grandstand, Capitol, Quezon-Ledesma, and Iznart-Aldeguer Stages. The parade will disperse at the back of the Ma. Clara Statue in front of142 the UI.
    10. PG shall be required to show Official Receipt (OR) as proof of registration during checking at the assembly area before the start of parade.
    11. Deadline for registration is 1PM, January 19, 2009. A briefing to be conducted by Sponsors Mardi Gras Committee is scheduled 2PM of January 20, 2009.
    12. Sponsors Mardi Gras Committee shall keep a registry or record of registrants containing Control Number (Order of Registration/Parade is indicated on the OR), OR#, date of payment, amount paid, no. of streamers. The committee will provide secretariat or stage preparation & parade control committee (SPPC) one copy each of registry for inspection purposes.
    13. PG representative/s shall attend special meetings called by Sponsors Mardi Gras Committee for orientation on the assembly time & place, order of parade (based on the Registry) and other instructions/updates.
    14. PG shall come to the assembly area on time for the last minute instructions for the Sponsors Mardi Gras Committee and SPPC.
    15. PG shall strictly follow the assigned assembly place and time and police their own ranks to ensure safely and security of the group.
    a. Best in Street Dancing
    b. Most Disciplined
    c. Best Costume
    d. Best Float

    Drum and Bugle - GUIDELINES

    1. The contest is open to all schools (elementary and secondary) in the city and province of iloilo and the neighboring provinces and cities of Panay. Each school may particpate in any category either elementary or secondary or in some cases the school is allowed two (2) entries, one from the elementary and one (1) from the secondary level. 2. Drum and bugle or drum, bugle and lyre should be the contest for the secondary level while drum and lyre/glockenspiel shall be contest for elementary level. membership should not be less than twenty (20) drummers and five (5) lyres (glockenspiels) for both levels. Bugler should not be less than (2) and not more than five (5), For a start, buglers from other schools may be invited by the competing school. The number of majororettes should not be more than one half (1/2) of the total number of instruments. The contingent should not be more than 75. 3. The musical instruments that are allowed to be used shall be limited to any form of drums and mallet, percussion instruments such as lyres, vibraphones, and chimes. Mallet instruments should be carried either vertically or horizontally. 4. Drums should not suspended or propelled on any form of wheel carriage, sled, etc. other than the customary way. 5. Sticks, beaters, mallets or bare hands shoud be used. A player may be allowed to use an additional instrument. 6. Singing, chanting, talking or shouting either in unison or individually while in competition is not permitted except for the drum major or leader issuing orders or instructions to the unit. Short vocal effects may be used for emphasis.
    7. All members of the corps should do the drill or formation and not the maojorettes alone. 8. Contestants are required to perform two (2) pieces - a contest piece and a choice piece. The musical score for the contest piece will be provided by the IDFI office.
    9. The contest shall be performed in two (2) judging areas in parade formation from Plaza Libertad which is the assembly area, passing JM Basa Street and Iznart Street towards the Iloilo Provincial and exit to Gen. Luna the corner of Valeria Street.
    Judging Area No. 1: Freedom Grandstand
    Judging Area No. 2: Iloilo Provincial Capitol
    10. Performance time must not be more than ten (10) minutes excluding entrance and exit.
    Five (5) points will be deducted from the total points for every minute overtime performance.
    11. The ranking system should be used in determining the winner.
    12. The decision of the Board of Judges is final and irrevocable.
    The Fllowing are the creteria to be used in Judging the contest.
    a. Music 60%
    Piece, Interpretation (Tone/Pitch) 30%
    Orchestra (Rythm, Tempo & Balance) 30%
    b. Drill Formation
    Variety of Formation & Alignment 20%
    Precision & Execution of Movement 10%
    Cadence & Discipline 10%
    TOTAL 100%


    1. Eligibility
    a. The Contest is open to all Secondary and tertiary Schools & municipalities in the Province of Iloilo and Guimaras and the City of Iloilo.
    b. Band members must be bonafide students of the school where they are enrolled. An official list signed by the school head is needed for participation.
    c. The Group (instrumentalist, twirlers, drum major) must not be less than twenty five members (25) and not more than sixty five (65)

    a. Instrumentation of a marching band is limited to brass wind and few standard percussion instruments which will notbe more than seven (7) of which not more than two (2) are bell lyres. standard percussion instruments are bass drums, snare drums, pair/s of cymbals and tri-quadro-toms.
    b. The group will render two (2) pieces, one, a free choice and an Ilonggo folksong. These shall be interpreted by the group executing fancy drills. formations, movements, and blocking. Medley is allowed.
    c. The duration of the performance shall not exceed 12 minutes including entrance and exit but should not be less than 7 minutes.
    d. Teacher-conductor is allowed to conduct his/her group.

    a. Tone Quality and balance 40%
    b. Drill and Marching Performance 40%
    c. Reportoire 10%
    d. Deportment 10%
    TOTAL 100%
    The contestshall be performed in 12 judging areas in parade formation from Plaza Libertad which is the assembly area passing JM Basa Street and Iznart Street towards the Iloilo Provincial Capitol and exit to Gen. Luna Corner Valeria Street.
    Judging Area No. 1: Freedom Grandstand
    Judging Area No. 2: Iloilo Provincial Capitol
    Proposed prizes for the Drum and Bugle/ Lyre (Glockenspiel) Contest and the Marching Band on the both levels are the following ( to be approved by the Executive Committee):
    First Prize P 30,000.00 plus trophy
    Second Prize P 20,000.00 plus trophy
    Third Prize P 15,000.00 plus trophy
    Consolation Prize(per non winning P 5,000.00
    contestants) Transportation Subsidy P 2,000.00 (City Schools)
    P 4,000.00 (Out of Town Schools)
    Interested participants will register with Ma. Febe A cang, Chairperson, or Michelle Grace Gierza, Dinagyang Lounge, Freedom Grandstand, JM Basa Street, Iloilo City. For further information please contact IDFI Secretariat c/o Iloilo City Tourism Office, Tel. NO. 336-34-39 or visit our website at Registration will start on November 2009, the last day of registration will be on January 4, 2010.


    All contestants shall participate in the SALVO OF A THOUSAND DRUMS held at Freedom Grandstand before the contest.

    Miss Dinagyang

    Qualifications of Contestants

    *Single,has neither been married nor has given birth between 16-23 years old during reigning period *At least 5 feet and 5 inches in height (166.6 cm)
    *Has beauty of Face and figure
    *With Good moral Character
    *Fluent in Englilsh and Hiligaynon
    *If not born in Iloilo she must have grandparents/relatives living in Iloilo
    *Has never joined and won a major award in provincial, regional and national pageants

    The Contestant agrees and Undertakes to:

    *Prepare suitable wardrobe to be used during the special events of the pageant
    *Suitable shoes and accessories for the above
    *Casual Wear and one-piece Swimsuit for pictorials
    *Conduct herself properly at all time during rehearsals
    *To cooperate,obey,comply at all times with rules and regulation of the Host Organizer
    *Attend the Host Organizer's official functions at all times during the period of the competition and not to leave the rehearsal area without permission from her official coordinator
    *Not accept private engagements during the period of the contest
    *Allow and permit the Host Organizer to use or take her picture for purposes of Publicity and [promotions.
    *Appear on Television,promotion requirements of the competition

    The Host Organizers undertakes that each Miss Dinagyang candidate

    *Will be provided with meals during the entire duration of Pageant rehearsals. Meals should be taken at the designated place of any hosted function
    *Will be provided transportation for all official functions
    *Will be advised,assisted and supervised with respect to her conduct and welfare for the duration of the competition

    The Miss Dinagyang Winner

    *Shall not at any time thereafter commercially exploit her title in anyway, whatsoever and all her activities must be approved in writing by the Host Organizer.
    *Shall conduct herself with decorum during her reign and shall not commit any immoral,illegal or any act or behavior which could bring disrepute,ridicule or contempt to the Miss Dinagyang Image and reputation.
    *Will not enter/participate as a candidate in any other beauty competition during her reign
    *Agrees to travel to Panay and nearby regions for official functions and be involved in shows,personal appearances,press conferences and other events arranged by the Host Organizer. During such trips, she will be provided with free airfare, hotel accommodations and meals.

    Grounds for Disqualification

    *Violation or non-performance of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement and of the Miss Dinagyang Rules and Regulations
    *Absences at the Official Functions without permission or approval fro Host Organizer or failure to perform duties and responsibilities required of Miss Dinagyang Title Holder


    Xerox-Birth Certificate
    Accomplished Personal Data Sheet/Application Form
    Six Copies 5r medium shot Colored picture
    Six Copies 5r Full shot-colored picture
    Pageant Requirements should be submitted on or before _______________ at the
    Office of Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation, Inc.
    Freedom Grandstand,
    cor. JM Basa st., Iloilo City.
    Diaz Speech and Personality Development Academy,
    2/F CRDI Bldg.corner Quezon-Ledesma Street,Iloilo City


    Dinagyang-inspired Costume-The costume should be reflective of the Dinagyang spirit,and the use of indigenous materials available in the locality is encouraged. Headdres must not exceed 2 feet in height and 3 feet in width.

    Talent-A maximum of only two back-up dancers/performers are allowed per contestant and should nor exceed 4 minutes. The candidate should provide herself with appropriate costume/props/music.

    Swimsuit-The official swim wear shall be provided by the Executive Committee. The candidates shall however provide a one-piece,one color swim wear of her personal choice for press pictorial, rehearsal and pre-pageant activities.

    Gown-50% of the total score will be the Newspaper Gown embellished with indigenous materials and 50 % will be the Gown in the Final Night.

    Interview-Ability of the contestants to express her ideas.

    Tourism Advocacy Project-Tourism Plan/Action Plan

    Dinagyang-inspired Costume15%
    Talent 15%
    Swimsuit 15%
    Gown 15%
    Interview 15%
    Tourism Advocacy 15%
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